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Ways that EMDR Performance Enhancement Can Help

Prepare for presentations, interviews, auditions, public speaking and reduce stage fright.

Manage anticipatory anxiety.

Boost your confidence and reduce stress levels during competitions and performances.

Increase your stress management skills and to regulate your emotions.

Boost confidence about yourself and your abilities.

Improve inconsistent performance.

Accept and adapt to difficult organizational changes.

Once you have an inner emotional awareness, which is different from an intellectual awareness, EMDR & BLS can help you integrate them into your nervous system. These feelings, as they become more a part of who you are, can revive your creativity. As you do this work and you become more attuned to your own emotional needs and learn to honor those needs, your unhealed conflicts or trauma will start to clear away.

Work through emotional blocks by addressing roots of the original trauma. It’s a journey of deep healing that usually results in the release of emotional blocks that have long been trapped in your mind and body. Emotional blocks may be imprinted in who you are and may interfere with all that you want to create. They are stored in feelings, body sensations, and beliefs. EMDR Therapy is very effective at finding, addressing, and “cleaning” that imprint. Even if you cannot recall any specific traumatic events from your childhood, EMDR can help you recognize and resolve old emotional unhealthy patterns. Through this process you’ll get emotional freedom from paralyzing feelings associated with instances of toxic rejection, abandonment, shame, or criticism.