EMDR Therapy a Unique Style of Couples Counseling.

Having trouble establishing rapport with a partner who is bitter, rigid, and unrelenting in their view of what is wrong with the relationship? Using EMDR therapy with couples focusing on individual meetings uncover vulnerabilities in a more protected environment. Exchanges can be painful, as each struggle to recover from fights, emotional injury, or periods of withdrawal. Meeting individually allows the therapist to understand more completely both the depth and origin of each partner's anger. We get a more complete picture of what is happening from each partner's perspective and hear each side without activating defenses.

EMDR couples therapy aims to help couples overcome emotional distress, resolve, conflicts, and improve relationships and is known for its potential to produce relatively rapid results compared to traditional forms of therapy.

In EMDR couple therapy, the therapist guides the couple through a series of protocols that involve bilateral stimulation. This can be done through eye movements, taps, or auditory tones. The bilateral stimulation is believed to activate both sides of the brain, facilitating the processing and integration of distressing or unresolved experiences.

When people come for couples therapy, typically they each see the other person as being the problem. And what's wonderful about EMDR is we can isolate the trigger points, when people have conflicts for instance, and then we can take those triggers back to, usually, traumatic memories that we can process, and the triggers can go away. And when the triggers go away, there's two things that happen when we use EMDR with couples; one is that the partner can see that "Hey, this isn't about me," and the other is that the trigger gets resolved so the partner's not as reactive either.

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