Therapist Life Coach for GUYS

"The Guy That Guys Can Talk Too"

Tim Ervin, LCPC


Typically, men seek my services because they are overwhelmed, anxious, angry, confused, or sad. They may desire a romantic relationship or better communication within an existing one. Men may seek therapy with a specific issue they are coping with or because their identity is somehow in flux. Perhaps you feel something is missing and crave a deeper meaning of who you are and where you are heading.  We work together to identify those everyday issues that pester men and then develop lasting solutions.

For almost a decade I have worked with guys just like you… to become better fathers, husbands, and employees by working through concerns such as anger, anxiety, low self-confidence, career confusion, and educational struggles. I believe in a relaxed and confidential environment where you are offered unbiased feedback designed to challenge you.  As a result giving you an opportunity to see things from different perspectives.  As you develop new perspectives new solutions emerge. 

Keep in mind that an online test does not replace a professional's diagnosis or training.  If you have questions or concerns please contact a counselor.  Here is a great web site to help identify the right person to help you: