Tim Ervin, LCPC, BCC, CH

Specialized Therapy and Coaching for man stuff
Men and women do therapy and coaching differently. Women have been raised to express their feelings. As a result, it is easy for them to sit in an office and spill their guts and shed a tear. Men on the other hand, have been punished all their lives for showing emotions. This is especially true for vulnerability. Coaches, teachers, dads, and even moms have shown us that it is not “manly” to show our emotions. Men’s communication is just different.

Whether you just need to run something through a neutral third party or are ready for some heavy therapy I have something that can help. My brand of man therapy and coaching acknowledges your manhood and respects your journey growing up in the man sphere. Your man style of communication is also respected in my office. I know. I also grew up in the same environment.

I offer several ways of supporting you that range from talk therapy to a style of therapy where talk is minimal. I call this "LESS TALK MORE ACTION THERAPY" This means you have a choice of minimally discussing the past events that brought you to my office. Of course, if you are one who is comfortable with the talk therapy it’s also available.

Let’s chat for 15 minutes and find if we are fit.